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About us

"ASEL is a family company with a tradition of more than 40 years of service in the Turkish and foreign markets. The manufacturing culture and vision of our company is transferred to new generations and continues its business life with stability and innovative perspective"

Our mission

"To be a partner to interior designer & project companies in complex and elegant designs by providing quality practical affordable solutions."

Our passion

At ASEL Metal, our passion is customer satisfaction. We set high bars to achieve it where strong relation and communication are key. We pursue creative and practical approach to bring forward the needs and desires of the customer. This approach, together with the specialized team and high quality standards, creates a perfect setting to be successful.


ASEL is a collection of sister companies serving customers across three different sectors: ASEL Eloksal , ASEL Metal, and RGINA Design. With over 40 years of experience, ASEL has grown by combining knowledge and investments to provide complete and high-quality solutions to over 2,000 customers in various sectors. Since 2013, ASEL has been expanding its expertise in aluminum fabrication by establishing ASEL Metal, a second factory located in Kartal, Istanbul.

ASEL Metal’s highly specialized team fabricates metal products with precision and desired surface finish, serving customers in shop fitting, hotel and accommodation decorative equipment, furniture, and interior decoration metal products,

Our team of expert craftsmen and production process prioritize quality, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness, while adhering to our principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. We are committed to leveraging the strength and capabilities arising from the collaboration of our three companies to deliver exceptional solutions and service to our customers."


ASEL Metal's Team

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